Saturday, June 4, 2016

Last Day of 4th Grade and JC Sommer

The last day of school for both Seth and Isabelle was busy and exciting!

At JC Sommer Elementary, the entire fourth grade had an awards ceremony in the morning. Every student received an award from their teacher. Seth was given the "Excellence in Math" award! He is very good at math and has been placed in the accelerated math class for fifth grade, where he will learn fifth grade level math as well as some sixth grade level math.

Mrs. Ayala, Seth's teacher, presenting his award to him

Standing in front of the classes and parents

At the end of the school day, the school had a Clap Out. Students from the other grades, along with parents, formed a line along the hallways and into the cafeteria for the fourth graders to walk through as they left the school. And of course, everyone clapped for them the whole way! Parker and I were there, and I only caught a short video:

Seth is finished with elementary school!!

After school, Seth picked Steak n Shake for a treat - a banana milkshake.

We are very proud of Seth's great work! He will advance to Hayes Intermediate school for fifth and sixth grades.

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