Thursday, June 2, 2016

Parker Graduates Preschool and Enrolls in Kindergarten

This year of preschool has been so great for Parker! He has grown so much socially and academically and we are so thankful to have found C.I.R.C.L.E Time preschool and Ms. Carissa right in our neighborhood.

His teacher took photos of the graduates in caps and gowns and presented them with diplomas.

We had a celebration night at preschool. The kids put on their caps and sang some of their favorite preschool songs for the parents.

Elijah,  Zoey, Parker, Declan and Kaylee

I thought for sure that Parker would say he wants to be a preschool teacher when he grows up. He has talked a lot about making our basement into a classroom, just like his preschool, and being the teacher. But, it looks like he has other ideas as well:

Here is Parker with his awesome teacher, Ms.Carissa, on his last day of pre-school:

Parker, Preschool, Age 5

Kaylee, Zoey, Declan, Elijah
Caleb, Braxton, Gwyn, Abby, Parker

And... Parker is registered for Kindergarten in the fall! We visited the school one day for general testing and orientation, including hearing and vision tests (which he passed).

The second step of registration was completed by turning in paperwork at the student enrollment center.

Officially a kindergartener in August!

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