Thursday, August 25, 2011

Isabelle's first day of school

Isabelle started third grade yesterday! She woke up earlier than I did, got dressed, brushed her teeth and came in to my room and said, "When are you going to get up? Because I already got dressed and brushed my teeth!" We still had one hour until the bus would come! She went downstairs and watched the news while she waited for me to fix her breakfast of cocoa puffs cereal. She was talking non-stop all morning. Talk about excited for school! She picked out a shirt from the t.v. show "Shake It Up", one of her current favorite shows. We packed up her school forms, lunch money and glasses and Parker and I drove her to the bus stop, then off she went!

She wasn't as excited when she got home. She was tired and said they took tests all day. I'm not sure if these were tests for the teacher to figure out what the kids already know or if they were state tests. She did meet a new friend named Amy. Of course, because Isabelle makes friends everywhere she goes!

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