Friday, August 26, 2011

Seth's first day of Kindergarten

Seth is officially a Kindergartener! Today was his first day. His teacher is Mrs. Wilson, who is the same teacher Isabelle had for Kindergarten. Isabelle loved her (as she does pretty much all teachers), so hopefully Seth will like her just as much. Grandma Diane came over to see Seth off on his first day. She did the same with Isabelle on her first day of Kindergarten three years ago. I expect she'll be back for Parker's first day in five years! Somehow I failed to get a picture of Seth with Grandma. Luckily we did take one with her camera though.

I packed Seth's lunch in his new Cars lunch bag. In it was a pb&j sandwich, vanilla yogurt, honey roasted almonds, oatmeal cinnamon cookies and a Capri-Sun.

Here's a photo I took of my trio this morning. Everyone is getting so big!

We all walked down to the bus stop, along with our next door neighbor, Dylan, who also started Kindergarten today. Here we are waiting for the bus, which comes at 7:52 A.M.

The bus arrived, Seth paused to check the bus number to make sure it was the right one (#154) and off he went!

When Seth arrived back at the bus stop after school, he was really excited to see Parker. I think he missed him. Seth had a good day. He said he had recess and ate all his lunch. Later in the evening Seth said he loves school!

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