Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Starts Tomorrow

Isabelle and Seth start school this week! They start on different days because the school has a staggered start determined by grade and last name. Isabelle will start 3rd grade on Wednesday. Her teacher will be Miss Black. When I was in 3rd grade, my teacher was (a different) Mrs. Black. Isabelle is so happy because she says she got the nicest teacher in the world. 3rd grade is a little different because she will have Mrs. Black for homeroom, social studies, math and science. Then she will have Miss Lester for reading and writing. So this will be the first time that Isabelle won't be in one classroom for the entire school day. Here's a picture of Isabelle with Miss Black.

Seth will start Kindergarten on Thursday. His teacher is Mrs. Wilson (the same K teacher Isabelle had). He will go on Monday, Thursday of each week and every other Wednesday (they call this the blue schedule). He's really excited to start going to school! And of course Isabelle is really looking forward to getting to ride the bus with Seth and help him find his way around school.

The school had an open house Monday and the kids could go inside a school bus. This picture was taken after they both ate blue icees.

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