Saturday, October 22, 2011

Columbus Zoo

On Sunday we went to the Columbus Zoo. We have a membership there that expires at the end of this month, and as far as we can remember, we've only gone once, maybe twice, during this past year. That was mostly because of having to time everything around Parker's nap times, but also because, truthfully, the adults in this household are not huge fans of the zoo. This visit, however, started to turn our thoughts around about the zoo. Shane and I both thought that this visit was better than most we've had in the past. The animals were active, the crowd was light and the weather was good.

First we wanted to see the new polar bear exhibit. On the way to that area, we stopped at the petting zoo to see the goats. Our animal-lover Isabelle has always loved this area where they get to brush the goats. Seth got in on the action and Parker seemed to enjoy watching the animals.

Playing with the goat's ear

We took a train ride. Isabelle and Seth sat in the last seat which faces backwards.

We discovered a new polar play area...

Parker always laughs on slides

Parker crawled up the steps on his own

Saw a very large brown bear...

Compared our heights to several different kinds of bears...

And finally saw the polar bears. There are 2 polar bears that swim and play with each other and a floating toy. There is an underwater viewing area that's really neat, but we didn't get any pictures of that :(

Our last area was Jungle Jack's Landing. Here they have rides designed for kids, and "big kids" can enjoy them too :) This was perfect because there were no lines this day!

Me, Seth and Isabelle getting squished

This ride went straight up high, then bounced up and down

Isabelle and I rode in the seat closest to the end of the ship (too dark to see us here, but we're in there!)

Seth and Isabelle on the swings

Parker had some snacks while Brother and Sister rode the rides...

And showed of his "shake, shake, shake" moves...

Seth and Shane braved the log ride. They used their jackets for coverage, but still got soaked!

Hopefully we'll get back to the zoo in the Spring!