Monday, October 3, 2011

Isabelle's Weekend with Cousin Katie

Katie invited Isabelle to spend a couple of days with her in Cincinnati. Isabelle was really excited! I loaded up all three kids on Saturday to meet Katie halfway to Cincinnati for the "Isabelle exchange". We ate lunch at Wendy's and off they went. From what I hear, the dogs Phoebe and Oakley gave Isabelle quite a warm welcome. Isabelle calls Phoebe "Fifi" because it's easier to say and spell.

Saturday they went to see the movie Dolphin Tale. Isabelle said it was a really good movie and told me all about it. I have a feeling she will be seeing it again when it comes out on DVD. They walked around the area and saw a balloon man on stilts. He made a unicorn for Isabelle.

They walked on the Purple People Bridge, but didn't find any purple people (below) and Isabelle made a stuffed dolphin at the Bear Factory. She named it Winter because that's the dolphin's name in Dolphin Tale.

Isabelle wanted to get as close to the river as she could.

They had Skyline Chili for dinner, painted her fingernails and toenails, made bracelets and watched movies until very late at night.

On Sunday Grandpa Steve, Grandma Barb and Aunt Lori made a trip to Katie and Travis' house to have lunch with them while Isabelle was there.
Oakley, Travis, Katie, Phoebe and Isabelle

On the trip back to the exchange spot on Sunday, Isabelle was so worn out she took a little snooze.

She had a GREAT weekend with cousin Katie!