Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Student Council

We have a new student council member in our family! Isabelle was elected by her classmates, along with another girl named Amy, to represent their 3rd grade class. 6 students ran for student council and each had to give a speech as to why they should be elected then each student submitted a vote.

Here is Isabelle's speech that she wrote all by herself (read what it says below the document):

It says (her spelling):

I should be on Student Concil because I never have been. I follow the J.C. way. I am Respecful, Responsible, Safe, Carring and honest. Last year I cried because I didn't win "or" get a speach. Hopfully this year I will win and not cry at home when I know who the two people are. I don't want to not cry at home. So please Vote for me! I do love school though. I am funny! VOTE FOR ME

Isabelle and the rest of the student council will participate in planning school and community events several times throughout the year. She is very excited to be a part of all this!