Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Upward Cheerleading

Isabelle is on an Upward Cheerleading team for the 4th year. She really likes cheerleading and is great at it. Upward is a non-competitive league through church. Her team is called Stomp and the coach is the same coach we had last year (Erin). We actually requested to have her as a coach again this year because she is really good with the girls. Practices are on Monday evenings and games are on Saturdays throughout January and February. At the end of the season, there will be an awards ceremony.

We all went to watch Isabelle during this weekend's game. It was at a church we hadn't been to yet, the First Presbyterian Church in Grove City.

View from our seats

Fun times
Seth brought his friend "Brownie" along

This is the cheer called "Yell":

This is one of the half-time cheers:

After each game, the coach gives out stickers which are rewards for the girls. Each girl receives one sticker per game, with the goal of collecting each color of sticker by the end of the season. Each color represents a different quality. This week, Isabelle received the sticker for Leadership. The coach said Isabelle is always a leader of the team and makes sure that all the girls are set to start a cheer, and that Isabelle does that in a respectful way. Yes, Isabelle is truly a leader!