Sunday, June 24, 2012

Acting Class and Goodale Park

Isabelle was in an acting class recently. They met each Saturday for a few weeks, and the final Saturday was a Share Day. On Share Day, each student performed a monologue in front of an audience. We all, along with Grandma Barb and Grandpa Steve, watched the performances. Isabelle's performance was with Maddy and the monologue was a humorous about two girls talking about dentists.

The class before the performances

Isabelle & Maddy during their monologue
Before the monologues, the class showed us some warm up exercises they do. This one was really cute - the instructor told them what to do, then they had to sing this little song while they did it. Each verse they added another thing they had to do. Some of the things they had to do was put their wrists together, put one foot up, stick your tongue out and turn around. Here they are at the "turn around" point.

Isabelle really liked the acting class and is hoping to take another one soon.

Before the sharing event, Isabelle's class did some warm ups and the parents weren't yet allowed in. So the rest of us walked to nearby Goodale Park and had some fun.

Parker loves slides!

Seth used to wear this jacket

Shane couldn't resist!

My two favorite boys