Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mother's Day

Today is actually Father's Day, but I haven't written about Mother's Day yet! I think this was my best Mother's Day yet! I woke up to breakfast in bed, served by Isabelle and Seth. I had scrambled eggs and sausage. Downstairs I had some surprises waiting for me. Isabelle made a craft at school out of four outlines of her hands which she made into a flower. Each finger said one thing that Isabelle loves about me. Very sweet. She also got out some props that stood for each of the things that were written on the fingers. The 20 things she wrote were:
  • You make brownies with me
  • You sign me up for activities
  • You used to play Barbies with me
  • You do Mommy-Daughter Day
  • You let me watch the ball drop (referring to New Years Eve)
  • You will take me to a B.T.R. concert
  • You help me do my homework
  • You take me shopping
  • You signed me up for swimming
  • You make me breakfast
  • You take me to Emma's house in the winter
  • You let me sleep with you and Dad at night when I'm scared
  • You gave me an oatmeal bath (this from a severe sunburn)
  • You don't make me take showers
  • You don't make me wear a bike helmet
  • You take me to Chipotle
  • You got me an easel for my birthday
  • You play Fluffy (the purple stuffed unicorn below)
  • You went to school to give me my lotion
  • You signed me up for acting

Seth gave me a flower that he brought home from school. He was really looking forward to giving me this surprise. The day he brought it home (and hid it in his room), it had only one bloom. On Mother's Day it had 3 blooms - we were very excited about that!

And of course Parker made me feel loved!

I also received the Kindle version of the book Fifty Shades of Grey, a gift certificate for a wine tasting and movie tickets, which hopefully I will get to enjoy with Shane soon! We also all went out to dinner. All in all, a wonderful and relaxing Mother's Day!