Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sky Lanterns

We found these really cool sky lanterns! These lanterns were much bigger than we expected. We had to light a block that is on the bottom of the lantern and then it filled up with hot air until it lifted off. We succeeded with 2 of our lanterns. We lit one in the field behind our house and watched it slowly go up and over our house.
Up, up and away!

Small black spot in the sky
It looked like it got pretty far by the time the flame burned out and it started to fall back down.

Our second lantern we lit in the field across from our front yard. It went up and over some trees and was also successful. Our neighbor Callan came down to watch this one with us.

Waiting for the lantern to fill with hot air and lift off


There it goes!

Our third lantern we tried to light on May 31st to send up to Uncle Todd. Sadly, it ended up being too windy so it didn't work. Hopefully Todd saw our efforts anyway!