Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Parker's 18 / 19 Month Snapshot

This past month flew by! So quickly that this is an 18 month and 19 month update for Parker!

My attempt at an 18 month photo didn't go too well. He's too active now! I did get this photo as he was playing near me:

Parker, 1 1/2 year old
For Parker's 19 month photo, we took him on a walk and snapped this:

Now that we have warm weather, Parker really likes to be outside. We usually spend a few hours of the day outside. He likes to push his bike and toy stroller around. He rides on a toy firetruck up and down the street. Since there are new houses being built near us, Parker likes to walk on the big dirt and rock piles.

Parker still takes a bottle of milk in the morning, at nap time, in the afternoon and at bedtime. This is something I'm sure we should be cutting down on. He learned how to drink with a straw and likes Capri Suns and juice boxes on occasion. He prefers to drink water though.

Going to restaurants with Parker has become a challenge. He is no longer content sitting in a high chair and having snacks. He wants to get up and explore the place instead.

Parker wears mostly size 24 months or 2T clothes, and size 5 or 5 1/2 shoes. When he first went barefoot outside, he wouldn't step on the grass. Now, though, he's a pro at going barefoot. H still prefers to wear shoes and he will go get his shoes for us when he wants to go outside.

We're looking forward to spending lots of time outside this summer with little Parker Pie!