Friday, September 5, 2014

First Days of School

Isabelle and Seth started back to school on September 2. The start of school was delayed this year due to new elementary schools being built.

Isabelle is in Mr. Morgan's class for 6th grade at Hayes Intermediate. She was super-excited when she found out she got the teacher she really, really wanted! The class if full of student that Isabelle has not been in a class with before. She's excited about that because she loves to make new friends. She is hoping to join choir, orchestra and Student Council this year.

Isabelle's first day of 6th grade

 Seth's is in 3rd grade with Mrs. Gastin at J.C. Sommer Elementary. This will be the last year for the "old" J.C. Sommer because a new building is being built and will be ready by next school year. Seth said his first day of school was "Awesome!"

Parker started pre-school! He's in a class for older 3 and younger 4 year olds. His birthday is in November, so he's an "older 3-year old". He goes to the Gantz Barn in Grove City, which houses the Grove City Parks and Rec pre-school classes. We went there together last year for PlayGroup every Friday, so he's very familiar with the school. His teachers are Ms. Vicki and Ms. Ramona. His class is held every Monday and Wednesday from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm. This first week was an exception - he had class on Friday only. He was so excited - we took a lot of photos!

Proud of my Parker!

Goofing off

All set!

Walking to the building (red barn)

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