Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Garden Railway Tour

The Columbus Garden Railway Society hosted a tour of model trains set up in backyards all over Columbus. There were 20 to choose from, and Seth and I made it to 5 of them. These were very elaborate and detailed and the owners obviously have put a lot of time and money into these trains and tracks. Three of the sites we visited included a "search sheet" listing things to find along the railway. We hope to get back next year to see different sites, and Seth wants one of these in his yard when he is grown up.

Stop #1 took up this guy's entire back yard

Stop #1, Thomas and Percy

Each stop had a railroad crossing sign

Stop #2. This stop also had a nice garden with a pond and walking paths.

Stop #3

"Lake" at Stop #3

Stop #4 (I liked the Ohio barn)

Overview of Stop #4

Stop #5 included a train that went into the roof

Stop #5. This was Seth's favorite train of the day. Along the back fence, one train car kept traveling back and forth on the top.

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