Monday, September 8, 2014


Heard of geocaching? We just found out about this. Basically, anyone can hide a "cache" which is like a hidden treasure. Caches can come in many forms and sizes and can be hidden just about anywhere. They cannot be buried, however. Once a cache is found, there is a log inside to be signed by the finder. There may also be a trinket to take, but if you take one, you have to leave a new one. Look up to learn more and find caches near you!

Isabelle and I are taking part in two programs. The first is her teacher's geocaching. He is going to hide a cache somewhere locally each Friday and provide the students with a map of where it is hidden, using his class blog. Isabelle found the first one on Haughn Road, underneath an AT&T control box.

The second program is through the official geocaching website (link above). This website provides general locations of caches in an area you choose. There are several in Grove City. We looked for four of them, but were only successful finding one. We are slightly handicapped because we can't really use the official app which would get us to within 30 feet of the caches using a GPS system. We may try to use our Garmin GPS and see how that works out. The first cache we did find was at Windsor Park. It was a small, black magnetic box.

It's been fun so far, and hopefully we'll get to explore a lot of places with this activity!

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  1. Love this post for a bunch of reasons! I've never done geocashing but would love to try it. What a cool idea. I also LOVE that Isabelle's teacher is not only encouraging them to be involved in geocashing but it communicating via a blog! Love it!


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