Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Years Eve

This New Years Eve, Shane had to work so I took the kids to Englewood to visit Grandpa, Grandma and Aunt Christy. Christy was in town for the holidays so we took this opportunity to visit with her. She bought party hats, noisemakers, masks and necklaces for everyone. All the adults and all three kids stayed up until midnight and saw the ball drop! This is the first year Seth stayed up (he wondered if the ball was a basketball before he saw it).


Red-headed buddies!

This was the third year Isabelle stayed up. The past two years, she was really sad when the ball dropped and the year changed. This year we were determined to not let that happen so we talked about how fun it is to celebrate a new year and look forward to what lies ahead.

Happy - not sad!!

Watching the ball drop. Welcome 2012!

 We blew our noisemakers and hooted and hollered at midnight and Isabelle was excited the whole time, so we were very thankful for that! She now wants to go to Englewood for the next New Year so she's not sad about it. Aunt Christy then took Isabelle and Seth outside to throw confetti!

Our last family photo of 2011! Sorry Daddy had to miss it.

It was a late night, but we all had a lot of fun. Seth was sure to thank Aunt Christy for all the fun party supplies she bought.