Saturday, January 21, 2012

Seth's 6th Birthday Party

Seth's birthday party was held at Galaxy Games & Golf in Columbus.We had our own party room and Seth got a balloon and a birthday crown.

This was the first time we've had a party for Seth where we've invited friends instead of just family. Just one classmate was able to come, but Seth was really happy with that one classmate, who is Garrett. Seth has talked about Garrett since school started and about how Garrett is his friend. One of the first things I remember hearing about Garrett was how tall he is. Seth would stretch his arm up way above his head and say that Garrett was THAT tall. The first time I met Garrett was at the YMCA and yes, Garrett really is very tall! And the first thing that caught my eye was that he has red hair like Seth. No wonder they are friends!

Garrett is really crouching down to Seth's level here!
Also at the party were our neighbors Dylan and Morgan, cousins Jacob, Jennifer and Jessica, grandparents Diane and Clyde and Aunt Cathy and Uncle Steve.

The kids all had a great time in the Fun Gym and playing video games.

Morgan and Isabelle
Dylan and Seth
Parker joining the fun

Morgan and Seth

Dylan and Seth running around
Morgan, Dylan and Seth

Isabelle in the Fun Gym

The Birthday Boy climbing the rope

 We had pizza, cupcakes and presents to celebrate!

Parker had a good time

Play-Doh ice cream maker from the Witt's

Star Wars puzzle from Dylan and Morgan (Jacob is on the left)

Great photo of Seth! Spongebob Lego set from Garrett

Isabelle reading the birthday cards

LOTS of Play-Doh from Grandma Diane and Grandpa Clyde
Seth received extra tickets to turn in for small prizes and he also got to pick out a birthday prize. He picked a set of plastic swords.

It was a great party!