Monday, January 9, 2012

Parker's 14-Month Snapshot

Parker hit a few big milestones this past month.
  • He learned to walk on his own! At first he thought it was so fun - he'd walk back and forth between two people and laugh the entire time. He's practically an expert now, though sometimes he tries to walk right over things instead of around them and trips.
  • He has also learned to scoot down the stairs, though sometimes he still stands up at the top of the stairs and tries to walk right down them. So far someone has been there to catch him each time he does that. 
  • Parker is also now able to stand up by himself from a sitting position. He used to just sit and raise his arms up so someone would help him get up. Now he's doing it on his own.
  • He got his first haircut! Thankfully his hair was kept pretty long so he hasn't lost his baby looks.

  • He has a lot of teeth. I haven't been able to count them, but I can certainly see a lot of them.  He's been chewing on things lately, like buttons at the top of his shirt, his blanket and his teething rings. 
  • He doesn't say many words. Usually he'll just say "Mom" or "more" and he babbles a lot. 
  • Parker takes 1 nap a say, usually starting at around 11:00AM or 11:30 and lasting 3 hours. He then goes to bed at night anywhere from 8:00PM to 9:30PM.
  • He has the most adorable giggle. 
  • We discovered that he really likes pasta. 
  • He likes to dance! Isabelle will put on some music and all three kids will dance together. For Parker, it's more of bending his knees so he goes up and down, but he sure likes it. 
Here's a video of some dancing.

  • He still loves go outside. Now he'll grab his shoes and bring them to me when he wants to put them on and go outside.
  • Parker can wear size 4 or 5 diapers and most of his clothes and sleepers are size 18 months. I'm so glad we kept most of Seth's old clothes or we'd be shopping for bigger sizes a lot! His shoes are size 4 and he has rather fat feet, so the shoes have to be really stretchy!
  • He loves to go "bye-bye" in the van. His car seat is now facing forward. This comes in particularly useful when we have a DVD playing in the van on long trips because now he can watch movies too.
  • Parker is still really cautious with adults other than Mommy or Daddy.
  • Baby Einstein movies are still his favorite.

We love our Parker Pie!