Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Seth Turns 6!!

6 seems so much older than 5, doesn't it? It's more than half way to 10 now. Everyone says "time flies" and I keep finding that to be very true as the kids get older.

On Seth's birthday, he did not have school but Isabelle did. This meant a morning of just Seth, Parker and Mommy. We all played together then went to a couple of drive-thrus for lunch. Seth wanted chili from Tim Horton's and chicken nuggets from Wendy's, so we made a stop at both places. While Parker took a nap, Seth and I played chess and checkers. Seth is learning all the moves and pieces in chess and is getting pretty good at it. I, admittedly, am not good at Chess. Seth beat me!

I told him we had 4 surprises for him. It turned out to be 5 surprises. First, Daddy brought home a Darth Vader ice cream cake from Dairy Queen! Seth has been talking about this cake since he went to a friend's birthday party who had an ice cream cake.

Darth Vader ice cream cake

Second, Grandma Barb & Grandpa Steve came to visit! With presents! One "present" Seth opened was his Shaggy figurine (from Scooby Doo) that he left at their house last week. He said Grandma should wrap it since it was his birthday. So, to Seth, Shaggy was surprise #3.

The next surprise was a present from us. It was a Star Wars 3-D puzzle.

Star Wars puzzle from Mommy & Daddy and Leapster game from Grandma & Grandpa

This is the fun card from Aunt Christy.

And last, he had to guess where we were all going to go for dinner. It took a few wrong guesses and a hint, but he finally figured out it was Chuck E. Cheese's! He was so excited he ran all around the room!

Chuck E. Cheese's was a lot of fun! We spent a couple of hours there eating and playing. Surprisingly, Parker really liked this place. It was a big area for him to walk around in and he liked all the lights and noises of the games. He even kept trying to climb up on stage with the animated characters that perform the musical show! I think if the adults that Parker is weary around would dress in large animal costumes, he may just go right to them!

Isabelle & Parker playing a bowling game

A horse-riding game

Parker liked to push the buttons
Driving the Bob the Builder bulldozer
Chuck E. made an appearance!
Thanks for coming with us, Grandpa & Grandma!
 Seth said this was his best day EVER!