Monday, January 23, 2012

Unexpected Night Out

Shane received a nice, unexpected surprise at work - 4 tickets to a Blue Jackets game!

The Columbus Blue Jackets is our NHL (hockey) team.  This was the first time to a game for all of us. They were playing against the Nashville Predators. With only 4 tickets, we were fortunate that Parker was free to get in!

We headed to Nationwide Arena downtown on this cold night.

Our seats were excellent!

There was a lot of noise!

Parker had a good time sitting on Daddy's lap eating Cheetos

View from our seats
While we enjoyed watching the hockey action, we also enjoyed seeing the "ice girls" sweep the ice throughout the game and the Zamboni prepping the ice. At one point there was a remote-controlled blimp-shaped balloon that hovered over our heads, threatening to drop some sort of bag with a prize in it. It ended up dropping the prize in a different section, but it was fun to watch. Parker made new friends with the woman sitting in front of us. He kept tapping her back so she would look at him. He also flirted with the woman behind us who had a cell phone he was interested in. It was a fun night for this family of 5!